Why did he say this ?

Today, I jokingly told my crush that I went on a date. he asked who was it and said congratulation. I felt like he is interested in me but why did he say this? is it possible that he try to hide his feeling?


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  • + maybe he didn't know how to respond and realized he might lose you


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  • Dumb move on your part. Sounds like a sarcastic gratz and if he liked you he probably thinks your taken or too much trouble

  • I would say yeah maybe he has feelings or he is just your friend. Trouble is something like what you said might imply to a guy you just want to be friends with him.

  • Toying with a guy like that, congrats on building a healthy relationship.

    -He accepted the friend zone.

    -He was being nice.

    -He genuinely doesn't give a f***.

    Tell him the truth or nothing is going to ever happen, sad truth.

  • he probably said congrats to be nice, while thinking ah man, that lucky bastard.

  • He probaby likes you but is trying to play it cool and not look like his feelings are hurt.

  • Regardless of if he LIKES you or not, he's your friend and wants his friend to be happy...even if it means you not being with him, vice versa

  • he s hiding ...yes...playing it cool , no one would want to look like ...a jealous fish

  • I'm sensing that you were a little disappointed with his reaction? I would've said the same as him. He knows what you want him to say, he just doesn't want to give you the satisfaction of him being jealous.


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