Do you prefer South Park or Family Guy?

I've noticed that most people prefer South Park. Some say Family Guy is too random, some say South Park has lost its magic. Some people like both, but they usually prefer one over the other.Which show do you prefer, and why?

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  • South Park hands down.South parks tears everyone apart and is completely irreverant. I like that. To me that's true comedy, fully uncensored and doesn't avoid making fun of certain topics, people for fear of being offensive.Also their jokes tend to be on the money and pretty smart. Some episodes are even thought provoking.

What Guys Said 19

  • How could you compare a classic to new garbage. Either way they're both a waste of time and intellect. But I love how south park integrates political issues onto their episodes, just perfect.

  • I hate both of them with a passion, they are just stupid but if I was forced to watch one or the other I would watch family guy, it has some mildly funny bits

  • Family Guy

  • I don't watch either, but family guy. South park just feels weird.

  • South Park pwned Family Guy in one episode. The one where dolphins (or something) selected the punchlines of Family Guy jokes.

    • Manatees that pick up billiard balls

  • south parkscott tenermen must die>>

  • Cartman is the best on TV so Southpark.

  • family guy. not that I don't like south park but it seems that today's south park is not as funny and entertaining as it was back in the early 90s and most of the episodes are practically the same. unlike family guy were every episode makes you laugh your ass off with things that you lease expect would make you laugh

  • I used to love both, but now not so much. I would have never been able to to decide which I liked more a few years back. Now I can't decide which I dislike less. It's like asking which testicle you would rather be kicked in; Either way it's gonna hurt XD

  • South Park is losing its magic sure, nuts its a classic and will always be 100x better than family guy.

  • i haven't really watched either show for a long time not much into cartoons anymore

  • Even though pretty much the only things I watch are comedy, I don't particularly like either very much.. though I think I probably like south park more

  • South Park has been better longer and tends to be more intelligent actually. Even though it can be vulgar and seemingly immature, the jokes are often all satire and social commentary and pretty funny. So, ya, South Park. Though I haven't watched TV as a whole in a long time.

  • They're both funny, but South Park is the only on of those that has made me literally roflmao

  • Thats like asking me which one of my testicles I like better

    • Hahaha!James Westfall or Dr. Kenneth Noisewater? :-P

  • i like both but I definitely like family guy more

  • Family guy kills the comedy with their heavy political agendas. South park has done it too, but have not been one sided about it, they kill every body and make it hilarious at the same time.

  • Family guy had the ability to make me laugh out loud. I can't remember a single time I literally laughed at South Park.

  • family guy was better when it was called the simpsons and south parks take on family guy was on the money.

What Girls Said 10

  • 3mo

    theyre both kind stupid but if i had to choose it pick family guy...

  • Both are stupid

  • family guy :) not a fan of south park

  • Family Guy, I watch these kinds of shows for the dumb easy humor, it's a good way to wast time but south park is to loud, too rude, to brash, to stupid, I can't stand it

  • I like both but prefer family guy.

  • South Park. Family Guy has a tendency to hate on women. :(

  • honnestly I prefer family guy only because of stewie. There's just something about an evil baby I can't resist

    • I agree, Brian is pretty good too

  • I don't like Family Guy. I can watch it as something to fill the time but I just don't get the humour... there aren't any jokes to me. South Park is more crafted - they pick something and go with it for an episode. It's the little touches of South Park, makes me cry with laughter!

  • I don't watch either religiously, so I don't know how they are performing currently.But in general, I prefer South Park. It's much funnier and way more clever.

  • south park. since its actually funny