Why does my ex boyfriend wanna be friends after he broke up with me and ignored me for months?Please help!

Alright here it goes, so me and my kids father have been on and off for 5 years. We broke up April this year because I was to stressful I guess and he completely ignored me and hasn't seen the kids AGAIN. So I just made my Facebook this week and he writes me saying hi, we talked a little bit and I... Show More

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  • I read "kids". I bet that's why. You are intrinsically linked to him.

    This and perhaps he's taken into account the truth, that this woman tampered with the relationship, and that maybe it's not as bad as he thought. Maybe he's putting it back together in his head. After all if you've been with him for 5 years and had his kids and he is still around there's something "in there". He probably loves more than you realize.

    • Thank you it just hurts a lot right now. All of it just came about this week.

    • I can understand that. It's a confusing thing to suffer to be honest. Especially when you've been set-up to fail; the shock of that alone is heavy but then to have it be against your very core happiness of having a functional family must be devastating. I couldn't imagine and you have my sincerest hope for a bright future.

    • Thank you so much I wish you the best to.