Why does my ex boyfriend wanna be friends after he broke up with me and ignored me for months?Please help!

Alright here it goes, so me and my kids father have been on and off for 5 years. We broke up April this year because I was to stressful I guess and he completely ignored me and hasn't seen the kids AGAIN. So I just made my Facebook this week and he writes me saying hi, we talked a little bit and I asked him to hang on my birthday which is tomorrow , well he requested me on Facebook and seen him trying to hang out with girls so I blocked him, before that I gave him my new number because I didn't know he was doing that. Then we ended up texting a little bit and talked on the phone once about a situation with my best girl friend that's a dyke and I just figured out this week she's liked me for years by her actions around me this week,she caused me and him to fight for a year and a half because she deleted texts he sent me, and told me he said things he only knew really so I thought they slept together but it turns out it was over her liking me and it just hit me this week.Well last night I told him it was over her liking me and I'm so sorry for all the hell that happened over it. We both did really messed up things to each other. So he said he call me back last night then texts oo I'm staying out later then expected sorry. So I said I was working anyway, well I started thinking I can't be friends with someone I'm in love with still. So I texted him last night again saying "I can't act buddy buddy with you.Its weird and honestly feels fake.If this is bye its probably best.Have a goodnight".Well he text back saying well if that's how you feel that's fine.I'm just here to listen. I treat everyone the same and I responded with "cool" then he said night.I know he was pissed but if he wasn't gonna try to contact me agin he would have said bye cause I know him.But I don't see the point it hurts to much and I don't understand why he's doing this to me,please help sorry so long btw.


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  • I read "kids". I bet that's why. You are intrinsically linked to him.

    This and perhaps he's taken into account the truth, that this woman tampered with the relationship, and that maybe it's not as bad as he thought. Maybe he's putting it back together in his head. After all if you've been with him for 5 years and had his kids and he is still around there's something "in there". He probably loves more than you realize.

    • Thank you it just hurts a lot right now. All of it just came about this week.

    • I can understand that. It's a confusing thing to suffer to be honest. Especially when you've been set-up to fail; the shock of that alone is heavy but then to have it be against your very core happiness of having a functional family must be devastating. I couldn't imagine and you have my sincerest hope for a bright future.

    • Thank you so much I wish you the best to.

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  • he wants to be friends,thats all..u don't need his friendship it will just cause you pain

  • you have kids!

  • because of the kids.

  • if you have kids you have to get along for the sake of them