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What culture is most attractive to you?

What culture is most attractive to you and why? I'm a White guy and I like Asian girls. don't know why though

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  • I'm half Asian/ Half White-it depends on the guys' personality-I've only dated white so far, and I find some of them don't want to know anything about Asian culture, so that p*sses me off-some of them aren't that very respectful of my Asian aspect but some White guys are decent-not saying they all suck, just a few do. I like Asians and Hispanics.

What Girls Said 6

  • i LOVE Indian culture (like from India), it's so beautiful and colorful. I also love the French way of

  • I like hispanics and white guys... I also like guys from other cultures ...but those 2 are the onece that I have noticed the most lol

  • I like mexican and white culture

  • I'm a black girl and I love white English/ Australian guys. My reason for that is because of the hair, accent, and the way they pronounce certain words.

  • I'm white and I prefer white dudes but my second would be austrailian...=]

What Guys Said 2

  • Japanese culture.

  • I like girls from every culture, its hard to pick one...but I would have to say mixed-race (black & white) girls are the most physically attractive to me. Everything I lkie about black women but mixed with white features, so beautiful

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