How Do I Get Rid Of Guilt?

Last week, I was going to a wedding with my family. I saw a shop. It was on fire. I told my father that, He said, ' Don't worry, some one will see it was and stop it.'

Now it's been a week and I can't just STOP feeling guilty..!
I should've done something.. Anything.. Now the owner of that shop is probably a homeless person.. He probably has no money or money problem! He's probably crying for his loss right now..

I'm thinking about going to that shop and see the loss.. It's 1 am here but I don't think I can wait til morning.. I want to do something.. But i'm also afraid to go there..! And I don't even know which shop it was.. But i'll try to find it.. Maybe I should call my friend so he can take me there.. I don't know what to do!!:( what should I do? How should I help the owner of that shop

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  • Your dad gave a poor example of what a person should do in a situation like that. Making a quick call to 911 ( or the emergency number where you live ) would have been the right thing to do.

    You shouldn't feel guilty, you had no part in starting that fire. Do not go to the site at 1am in the morning. You don't know how unsafe it could be and its been a week so other than to look at it there's no point. I'm sure by this time the owner has worked out most of the details of what happened and how he or she is going to handle it.


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  • Call the fire department or at least 15 next time u see something burning
    Going to the shop won't help so don't do it

  • as i told u... there's no need 2 feel guilty... wot happened, happened :-)

    it wasn't yer fault... and most people would do da same :-)

  • It would be amazed if the shop wasn't insured.

  • I second what @chercheur said

    • What should I do now? How can I help the owner? Maybe I should apologize to him/her?

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    • I don't know if it's considered a phobia or not but whatever you should stop these feelings

    • I've been TRYING, honestly... I stop thinking about it for some time then I start thinking about it.. And I feel guilt.. I just don't know how to stop it completely..!:( i'm too damn emotional, i'm sorry! :(

  • I don't think it's your fault. It's sad that it happened, but you aren't to blame. You can't dwell on what could have happened, it's in the past.

  • It's not your guilt it's your father's guilt


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