How you deal with this people , how do you heal , how do you forget?

I'm dealing with the most hardest weird feeling that I ever felt in my life , my fiancee passed away last year & I couldn't even leave it there she were like a sunshine suddenly came up into my life to make me happy we used to do everything together eat , sleep , hanging out , she were my best friend she were everything to I've tried all things but it never worked & it will never work I can't take it , now recently 2 days ago my best friend or I should say the only brother that I ever trust & have in this life just died in a car accident by a truck driver... what the hell I suppose to do , how just how please help im falling but there's no one holding my hand how u deal with this just tell me what I suppose to do?


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  • Aww. What can we say to make you feel better? This is just so painful. Take your time to grieve.


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  • It's hard, Being alone sucks... It's tough, but try to make new friends and relations...

    You will never get over bereavement, but time can heal that... distract yourself off pessimistic thoughts of the past