Is my singing voice okay?

I really want to cover a few Kensington songs but I think my voice sounds too different from the original. Honest opinions, not everyone has a golden throat lol! And sorry for the bad recording.

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I love to sing but I'm not going to delude myself if it's too bad to start a cover band. That's why I'm asking for honest opinions.


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  • You should try to find an app that plays the music louder. Like the Smule karaoke app. It helps to be able to match your voice to the strength of the music. Also, breathing is going to be a big part of that. You have to take in enough air to push out your voice in a controlled manner that allows the notes to reach optimal levels. I also would recommend just singing the song, not trying to sing it like the original. Let it be yours. You will have to work on maintaining notes without going flat or sharp and if you really want to do a bang up job you will just have to practice practice practice :-)


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  • Hahah Nope... don't even go there, bro.
    O. o

    First off - I'm a professional vocalist - I know what I'm talking about.

    You can't catch rhythm - you have none. Sorry. It can't be taught. Either you have it or you don't.


    Your voice - no singling lesson will teach you to be great, or even good for that matter.


    You can tell me I'm rough, but... hey, you asked for the truth.

    • I don't believe in that. I play the electric guitar and you can definitely better at timing. This is how the original singer sings though, including all the stops. But thanks for your input.

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    • Thanks. I'll try but if it doesn't work out than that's alright too.

    • That's cool... =)

  • You have a beautiful voice😊

  • Lol.. it's not okay. To be honest. It's not terrible either though

  • You sound like dying cat

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    • I would rather say honest comment because let's face it not everyone can sing. You may be good at other things but singing is not your cup of tea.

      Ps-don't mind

    • Yeah it's okay I know it's honest. I like to sing though so I will continue in private. Guitar playing is more my thing. Love the guitar!

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  • i'll hear it l8r bro... i'm listening 2 sth else now... and i'll tell u 8)

  • I actually think, yes it's ok. It's just the voice doesn't match the music, You sing it a bit further ahead. Maybe because vocaroo doesn't produce a higher quality. I think you can be better with lots of practice. Keep singing!!

    • Thank you and yeah it's not high quality. Recorded with phone as I don't have podcast mic. Maybe I should sing it lower?

    • Hmm.. I don't think so. I think the pitch is fine.

  • You sound kinda flat, to be honest
    But don't let that stop you, a few lessons wouldn't hurt.

    • Yeah is my voice nasal? I think it lacks clarity.

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    • Just practice practice practice.
      I'll give you a few tips:
      1. Get free audio editing software like Audacity
      2. Record your voice track to a youtube singalong, or whatever you prefer.
      Keep re-recording until you're satisfied with the result.
      3. Then record an instrumental vtrack of your preferred song.
      4. Adjust volumes to fit, and add a few filters to give a more spacious sound.
      Don't go overboard... it still has to sound like you.

      Trust me, you'll love it.

    • Thanks thanks!

  • lol no that was awful

  • OMG its another justin bieber