If a school emailed you saying they wanted you to complete your application?

Is that a really good sign?

They just pretty much said we noticed your application was incomplete, you should consider applying for it and check out our promotional campaigns


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  • Haha no. They just want your application fee.

    • I didn't consider that, but that could be the case.

    • Although I'm hoping it's not

    • Well they want as many people to apply as they can get. To make money (if you get accepted).
      It's all about the money!

What Girls Said 1

  • No it's something that is sent to all students. In other words it's custom to send it out to applicants who r missing parts

    • Do they check the parts that are not completed in all applicants application? How do they know there are parts incomplete

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    • So they don't think I'm a total non-applicant if they are asking me to fill it out?

    • What do u mean by non applicant