Peeps, what do you actually say to people with dreams. Not on gag, but in real life, do you encourage it, or cringe at it like?

Where I am from everyone likes to put you down, I don't know why maybe because everyone wants it for themselves. I don't know. but it's as if people are too intimated by me, To play music with me I don't want to sound pompous. If explain it it'll be so long and nobody will read it though. Any thoughts


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  • Because the vast majority of people dont have what it takes to reach their goals. To be a successful actor, music artist, or entrepreneur you have to be inteligent, very very hard working, and then just also be extremely lucky. Due to that most people will fail, so people tell them to get a more reasonable job.


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  • I encourage them!


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  • I keep my goal and dream private unless people ask for it.

    Of course I encourage it.

    • Fuck that i fucking hate supression i don't understand that people say well I don't feel comfortable. What? Throw that shit in people's faces if they don't like it it's on them. Like I am good at what I'm talking about but it's like a lot of people want to cut you off. I don't know it's really hard to explain...😤

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    • They don't feel comfortable because dream is usually more personal, and if you're talking to stranger they might not be ready for that personal level yet.

    • Yeah I hear that I don't do that but I understand

  • I personally like to hear about them if it's not an essay. The more outrageous the better.