Women carry everything in their purse, do you agree (would you mind sharing picture of inside of your purse😛) ?

I've seen a video saying that women carry everything everywhere! So they can survive even in desert islands 😯😮

what kind of things do you have in your purse? Feel free to share pictures :D


Women carry everything in their purse, do you agree(would you mind sharing picture of inside of your purse😛) ?

Umbrella, water bottle, ipad, makeups, lipsticks ans glosses, perfumes, earphone, bracelets, wet tissues, a watch, a key, a wallet, bandages, a portable battery, pens, hair ties and pouches (lady's products 🙊, a mini sewingkit, meds including pain killer, a mirror, a comb, a toothbrush and a tooth paste, receipts, more lipbalms and glosses lol)


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  • In my wallet there's just money, money, money, debit cards, premium membership gold card, my college ID, my passport size photographs and some bills of my recent purchases :)

    But this is about ladies' purse so lemme check my mom's purse.
    Aaaandd here we go :-
    ●Of course, money, money, well she got 10X more money than me :/
    ●A wallet
    ●Oh her personal diary. Umm.. she has just written quotes. Well, maybe the job is boring. *closes the diary*
    ●My dad's photograph. Mmm... *ahem*
    ●Mirror, comb, nail clipper.
    ●Painkillers, antacids
    ●8-9 Pens
    ●Three gold rings. A pair of earrings.
    ●Leave applications of students. (LOL @ their stupid excuses)
    ●Magnets, test tube? o_O
    ●Glasses, headband.
    ●Address book, I-card.
    ●God pictures and calendar.
    ●A little doll.
    ●Pendrive. What the hell? She stole it. *puts it in pocket*
    ●Ah! Chocolates and candy, now it's my turn to steal something.
    ●Random documents
    ●Safetypins? What does it used for? God knows.
    ●Apple (edible one, not the brand).
    ●And some loose change.
    That's all folks!

    Wow just wow. O_O


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  • I have my wallet (ID, bank card, pics of my niece, pics of me and my best friend, and probably a few old movie tickets), my makeup bag that has my basics in it (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, neutral eye shadow, lip gloss), hand sanitizer, perfume, lotion, house keys, a mini screwdriver key ring, a mini flashlight, spare contacts in a case, pens, gum, mini hair brush, baby wipes, hair ties, small bottle of Excedrin, a mirror...

    • wow O_O you are carrying sooo many stuffs!

    • I never know what I'll need. I have to be prepared lol... That's college life though

  • I keep everything in my hand bags ahah, I even fit my laptop in there sometimes and my jacket... Everyone in school were so amazed about how I was able to walk around in handbag with all my books and laptop in there.

  • I totally do xD

  • I carry my wallet, pocket mirror, lip gloss, mascara, and best for last, the Pinch Provisions mini emergency kit. That thing has all the necessary stuff in compact size. I get to save a lot of space and have a more organized purse.

  • This is quite interesting. I can't take a picture of it but it's an aqua colored handbag, kinda big and it's got: my cream colored wallet (ID, money, shopping cards, etc), a pair of brand new earphones, receipts, a mini mirror, some bob pins (or whatever they're called), a pink lipgloss and a vanilla lip-balm. It usually has a lot more than that. :)

  • I used to have a big bag, but nowadays I just use a small bag for my wallet, mobile, keys and passport or if I'm wearing my jacket with big pockets, I put it in there.

  • Sure, I love this tag.
    There you go:
    Zara bag
    Cosmetic bags (brushes, powders, blush, lash curler, lip glosses, mascara, primer, Michael Kors Sexy Amber perfume)
    EOS lip balm, pencils, notebooks, sunglasses, wallet, Victoria's Secret body mist, wet tissues.

    • I love your handbag by the way, what brand is it?

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    • Yes I have but here they don' sell it here :).
      Thanks for this fun question :*

    • Just noticed you also have Nars blush i have that one too :) i have org*sm and s*x appeal lol

  • I don't carry a purse so I disagree

  • I have a backpack to carry my shit so I disagree.

  • Nope I don't carry everything in their.

  • I'm too lazy to carry a purse. I only carry one for special occasions and I really don't have much to put in it...