I feel really lonely?

I just feel really lonely and sad they last few years... No one really cares, I have no real friends and no one likes me? I'm just so worthless. I don't feel like my family and friends care and no one likes me, so I don't have a boyfriend... What am I going to do?


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  • First off bring it in! Closer closer there one big hug😉 and if u ever want to talk its either me or my wife on here

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    • I could tell u a story of a low point in my life but i would not share it public, i had some really bad times to say the least


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  • I know exactly how you feel. I mean my trust issues are why I'm in this situation. But I'm tried of feeling alone. I'm at a point where I'm willing to put my trust issues aside a make one really good friend. I'm trying to find a female friend how I can talk about anything with. I thought I had found one. But I ended up falling in love with her and she's taken. So I have to back off and forget her. She's the first girl I've ever fell in love with so it's kinda hard to forget her. But I'm making progress. And not being able to have her makes me realize how alone I am and it hurt me like hell. For the past few days I get off of work go home sit in my room and just analyze how much I'm hurting. But I know I need to find a friend to help me become happy again. But I know how you feel. And I wish the best with all of this. I hope someone comes along and sweeps you off your feet and give you the world.

    • Thanks, and I'm sorry, hope you're ok

    • Thanks for caring. And no I'm not ok but I will be in time. It hurts so much because she made it clear that she has feelings for me but just can't bring her self to leave him even thou she says she wishes he was like me. and that she hates his way. She opens up to me more than anyone else. She told me i inspirer her she. It's like I know if they ever break up that she will go out with me. She told me she has an emotional attachment to me also. But I can't wait for her. even thou I really want her more than anything in this world i just can't. I'm tired of hurting and realizing that I may never be with her. Im tired of writhing songs about being heart broken. Im tired of being stuck in her. But I guess that's life. But now I know to stay from love.. But once agin thanks for carrying and I wish you the best. And if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here if you need me because I hate the thought of people feeling as alone as I feel.

  • Go out and get some friends. (Seems you're under 18) you will gain friends and statistically you eill get a boyfriend.

    I've had 2 friends all my life (another friend fucked me off) and another one came in my life.. Now I have 17+ friends and I have a personallity disorder which affects my social life drastically ahahha

    • It's not easy to just go out and get some friends... It's not easy when I'm shy and it's not that easy to find someone that actually cares and you can trust...

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    • I always overthink, if it was that easy, don't you think I would have tried to get some real friends (not trying to be rude)

    • I understand and fake confidence (it's scientifically proven to faking confidence actually boosts your confidence)

      Try Mindfullness meditation calms you're mind and will stop you overthinking

      I'm guessing you're still in school so when there's a team exercise try tslking and helping more

      Just be friendly (sometimes shyness can push people away) and you'll be fine :)

  • why don't you have friends? where are your hobbies, sports etc?

    • I kind of have friends, but no one I really trust and none of them really care. I don't go to any sports or anything...

  • No one truly cares about anyone. It's just one big illusion people use to benefit themselves, whether they realize it or not. Remember there's no such thing as a selfless act, and in the end we all die alone.


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  • There's always that certain someone for you, but you just have to wait. Of course, someone loves you. You just got to open your eyes and see it yourself. Don't say that no one loves you because there's always, at least one person, that loves you. Don't say you're worthless. You may be the reason for someone's smile or laughter, but just open your eyes. You may be the reason why this person is still living. You may be the reason why this person decided to live, or you may be the light to that person's world. Just think for a second. You may be EVERYTHING to one person and may be the ONLY thing they can see. Just think about it. There's a reason why you're in this world, but you just got to think about what it is. Be a blessing to others because seeing other people smile because of you is a blessing. One day, we'll all vanish, so make your life count. Be an inspiration. Be someone's hope. Restore faith in humanity. Be the light that's so different than the others.

    I have been through the same feeling. I was finding my real friends, and was constantly thinking that no one liked me and no one loved me the way I loved them. I was so lonely and depressed and I cried myself to sleep multiple times, you just don't know. It hurt a lot. I stressed myself out and studied 16 hours a day to get high grades, was always so competitive for no reason and it stressed me out. I had trust issues and didn't believe in love, but now, more than ever, I believe love does exist. I told myself not to like anyone, but I liked this one guy in school and you don't know how special he made me feel, like I was high up in the air, but the moment I thought that I really was special and wonderful like how he made me feel and what he told me himself, he left me crashing down and there, I cried myself to sleep again. We never became a thing, you see, and we didn't have a relationship, but the point is that I couldn't trust anyone after that. But I know we're all special and deserve love. Don't lose hope.

  • Go out and meet people.