What's college like? How's the experience been?

How difficult are the homework assignments, tests, and finals? Is it hard getting to school early in the morning (7 AM)? Is it less or more stressful than high school? What are relationships like (between friends, significant others)? Have you met anyone that you've felt completely changed your life or had quite an impact on you and your life? Where did you get your textbooks? What classes are you taking? Do they have awards for perfect attendance or honor roll or any gpa awards? What do you recommend doing in college? What do you recommend not doing? What advice would you given an incoming freshmen?


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  • to be honest, my high school experience was more challenging than college in terms of liberal arts classes. the sciences/math in college and the associated workload was greater in college. it definitely impacted my life for the good and bad. i met some bad people, i met some good people... met my best friend, which was awesome. i usually bought my books from amazon or the bookstore.

    there are gpa awards. if you maintain a certain gpa while taking a certain amount of classes, you can be placed on the Dean's list, which is nice. if you maintain a certain gpa OVERALL, you may be eligible for the cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude designations. certain gpas can earn you entry into honor societies like Golden Key or Phi Beta Kappa.

    i recommend developing a good relationship with your advisor and really planning ahead. be smart. have an idea of what you want to do. use ratemyprofessor. com to avoid crazy professors. be safe, don't go anywhere without friends. don't drink from cups that are handed to you, always get your own cup. avoid the party life, because honestly, you're there to learn, not to get trashed.

    overall, i had a positive experience.

    • I appreciate that you provided an answer that addressed a lot of the questions and there sure were a lot of questions asked. I'm glad you have a positive experience! The recommendations are very nice. :) I've actually checked out ratemyprofessor and one of the ones I registered for has a really great rating so definitely looking forward to that. GPA awards gives me more of a reason to try even harder (not that there aren't already numerous reasons why to give it my all) to give my 110%. You mentioned that the college experience for liberal arts was less challenging than your high school experience. Was the workload easier in what you did even though greater?

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    • no problem! hit me up if you ever have any other questions, i'm happy to help :]

    • Will do, thanks :)


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  • I am studying in a commuter's college at the moment so mostly friends that lasts a semester.

    College is more of a... professional environment than highschool is.

    Unless of course you go to one of those "party-schools"

    • Do you ever get close to the friends you make?
      Thank you for your comment, it's really helpful :)

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    • Awesome :) Thanks for replying to all my questions as dumb as they may be.

    • Aww gees , no worries mate lol

  • been there once when an older friend of mine was graduatin... and we ate chicken cutlets in college's restaurant 8)


    • That sounds eventful and fun. Hopefully it was. Thanks for commenting! :)

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  • Waking up at 7 for college? I would kill for that! I get up at like 6 for school.

    • What's getting up at 6 like?

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    • What I'm trying to ask is how you are able to get up and get ready and be at school so early. Is there less traffic when you go to school (if you commute)? Do you live on campus?

    • No there's quiet abit of traffic. I stay 10minutes away from the school though

  • just complete essays that has to put you into deep study mode on the daily.