Is this a normal hangover?

Alright people. First to clear things up, this is not my first hangover. I have just NEVER had on this bad and last this long. So last night I was drinking (obviously lol). To be exact I know for sure I had 10 tequila shots. I could have had more but I think it stopped at 10. I didn't really pace myself... I took them fairly quickly. I felt pretty good and it didn't really phase me for a little over an hour and then it just hit me all at once and I dont remember that much of my night after that. So I woke up at like 5 in the morning and I had a slight headache and just felt really groggy... normal stuff. My throat also hurt a little which was weird to me but I didn't think anything of it. I couldt fall back asleep so I just sat there becasue sitting up felt better than laying down. As the day went on my eyes got super super super sensitive to the light. It didn't happen until like noon though. I just woke up from 4 hour nap and its about 9 right now. My throat is serisouly on fire and is soooo raw I could honestly cry. My head is still pounding. And basically a feel like a got hit by a truck and then they decided to back up and roll over me again a few more times. Everything is just way worse than usual. The main thing that is bothering me and doesn't seem normal is my throat. It honestly feels like the top layer of my throat got peeled off and its just raw. Nothing will help. Is that normal to happen to my throat? And I've never ever felt hangover symptoms for this long into the next day.

Oh I should add that I am also 5' 3" and only like 115 pounds.


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  • Water and time, the good news is you won't die.


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  • You probably had too many hangovers that resulted into this, you throat is inflamed which you can take some lozenges and have some warm tea with plenty of dry food to eat. You should feel better in a couple of days.

  • its normal.