I need my learners permit?

Hi, I'm 15 years old and my birthday was about 6 months ago. I really want to start driving but I need my learners permit. How would I go about this? I know you need to pass some kind of test but where do I take and study for this test? I know nothing about this and my parents won't help me look more into this.


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  • I know if you're under 18, you need to take drivers ed. They give you the written test there. Once you get your certificate you take that to your Secretary of State or DMV office & you'll get your permit.


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  • Google "driving learners permit" along with the "state" in which you live... There should be a link to your local MVA with their rules and requirements.
    Best of luck to you!

  • I had to go to driver's ed.


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  • Too bad you went anonymous so that people might help you with the country you're in. If you are in the US, you would contact your motor vehicle branch and ask them for a guidebook on driving, as the information in there is what is usually on the tests. You schedule a time to take a test after you've read and practically memorized your road test or guidebook. You pay a small fee and you are granted a learners permit which is basically a pre-license where you'll have restrictions on how you drive a car.

    Much of what is in your roadtest booklet is common sense when you stop analyzing it so much, but other things will be new to you. You'll learn the road signs and what different colour road signs mean (for example, a yellow as opposed to a white sign). You need to have all of this down pat to pass. Your motor vehicle branch will explain what percentage you need to pass, and the learners test is usually a multiple choice test on a computer.

    Once you have your learners, you can take a driving course or get someone with a license to teach you to drive. You would go through the same process to book your driver's test which is a practical test in your car where the examiner will test your driving skills as they give you direction on what they want to see you don on the road.