Horoscope believers: Please explain the Horoscope?

Calling all horoscope believers. Why do you believe? I dknt really understand how when you were born effects your personality. So please explain to me. I am a Virgo, and my sign seems to fit me VERY well. But the main thing that i don't understand is that i have two best friends who are also Virgos who are nothing like me. So would you all try convince me to believe in the Horoscope?


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  • Horoscopes work becuase they are very vague, and most people could fit into multiple categories. Some people don't fit at all. It's just the stuff they say could apply to anyone. It's not really real.


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  • There is nothing to explain when it's all nonsense. Astrology has created so many loopholes to explain diversity between people of the same signs. If you're a Virgo with your moon in this, and your Venus in that, you will have a totally different chart than your Virgo friends. So in the end - we're all unique, and that's where astrology fails. We all have similarities and differences. I'm a Leo with traits of a Pisces, a Taurus, a Sagittarius.. and a few other signs. Other Leo friends of mine will have other traits. There are no hard and fast rules to what your sign is and how you'll be perceived by others. Also, when you start reading astrology and everything described about a Virgo starts to go to your head, you'll start actually taking on the trait if you want to enough just because you have Virgo pride. When I meet people who believe in astrology they almost take pride in their sign's typical traits and make it more a part of who they are. It also is an excuse for some people's bad behaviour. I met a Taurus once who was such a stubborn bitch and would just say, "I'm a Taurus, I'm stubborn, that's just how I am." She didn't have to be, but took pride in her sign to continue to be this way, rather than try and be a better person. Not all Taureans are stubborn, especially those who dismiss astrology.

    Sorry if this sort of bursts your astrology bubble, but I was once keen on it, and learned over the years that it's all fluffy nothingness.

    • Haha i really don't believe in it either. I was just desperately hoping for a way to tell partially what a person's personality would be like by their birthday. It'd make dating so much easier.

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    • Funny you say that, because i dated an Aquarius, and we broke up about 5 months ago

    • I thought so. I'm psychic. LOL

  • I don't really get it either, but I do agree that they can be pretty fitting.

  • No two people are the same. Some of the information in our horoscopes identify with our personalities.


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  • It's actually Horror Scoops. Lol...