Did that guy hate or liked me?

There was this guy in my lecture on my first year of school. We had that one lecture class. And we never spoke, but we'd always stare at each other. But then I remember afterwards, whenever he saw me, he would give me this disguisted look as if he hates me. And I felt confused cos I dont think he Had a reason to hate me since we never spoke. And this one day I saw him with a girl, so I assume that maybe he was in a relationship? but fastforward to this year, I saw him twice. The first time, he was with a guy I knew, and we both just ignored each other. But the very last time, I saw him from the elevator. And like always, he directly stared at me, but this time his face didn't seem angry but he was expressionless.


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What Guys Said 1

  • ummmm i'd assume he's just neutral actually :-)


What Girls Said 1

  • He maybe likes you or hate you lol

    • but if we never spoke, why do you think he may hate me?