How can I deal with other people's opinions about me working at this job?

This summer, I am working at a job where only high schoolers ages 14-17 works. I am the only adult that is working there and I am 19. I have been working at this job since I was 14 and I really enjoy this job. Some people judge me for still working at the job as an adult and they tell me that I should be working somewhere else since I am an adult. I keep applying other places and the other jobs don't let me know if I got the job or not and I don't want to quit this job because of other people's opinions about me working there as an adult. How can I deal with these people that tell me that I shouldn't be working at this job?

Why would these people judge me for working at this job as an adult?


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  • Just ignore them. They are just mad your happy and enjoying your job while they are miserable at there's. They are trying to take away your happiness by being mean. Just don't let that get to you. Besides 17-19 is just a 2 year age difference


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  • oh well... if u can still work there... y do u care bout others opinions? 8)


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