IF a girl is more than just her looks, or you want what's on the inside to matter and be noticed... ?

-- why do you dress in a outfit that shows off your body and WAIT to be approached everytime, I. E., using your LOOKS to attract and
not even showing ANY personality?

Or showing the attitude that you don't have to try to initiate anything because you're a girl (great personality).

It's no wonder people don't get laid, or there's a girlsaskguys page for confused adolescents. The female gender needs freaking blinkers and the guy doing backflips while singing "i love you" for them to "make a move" and they will STILL come back to their friends like "OMUUUGUUUD, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. DOES HE LIKE ME. WHAT SHOULD I DO?" #$#-- well, odds are given the actions I see of the female population, you'll continue to do nothing while expecting everything. Do you not see the extremely difficult one-sided facepalm stink you leave on initiating relationships? Do you [girls] take any responsibility in this or do you think I'm making this all up?

-- I really DONT like your gender, when it comes to this department to be very honest.

You're still physically attractive to me. Don't worry.

*I tried to leave my true opinion yet take out any antagonistic language in this post* I do want a discussion.


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  • I like it and I understand where you're coming from.


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  • "You're still physically attractive to me. Don't worry." OH THANK THE SWEET LORD WE STILL LOOK GREAT TO YOU, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'D DO WITHOUT THAT.

    Girls can do what they want, just as guys can do what they want. If you don't like what a girl does, move on to the next. We really don't care

  • I don't wait at all. I think that attitude is old-fashioned and I think people should just come and get if if they want it. If I like a guy I would ask him out, but most of the time the guy already does that before I can, so yeah.
    A date is the purpose if showing some of your personality to see if you're compatible. That's the point and I'll try to achieve that.
    Even girls can be confused about a guy's actions, because they're not always as obvious as you think they are.
    I do see how difficult it is for guys. That's why I want to take initiative sometimes (but guys simply don't let me haha).
    I don't feel better that you find me attractive or not.
    I only gave my opinion, because it looked like nobody else would do it because you sound quite aggressive. If you're going to reply, do is in a nice way please. I'm not really into a big aggressive discussion right now.

  • I've never heard an attractive guy colsin about this. It's always the ones who women wouldn't want anyway

    • You got tots and ass. You couldn't attract a magnet with your personality, trust.

  • Not sure why a girl can't be both attractive and have a worthwhile personality at the same time? Why is it a "pick one"?

  • because we can.


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  • "-- I really DONT like your gender, when it comes to this department to be very honest.

    You're still physically attractive to me. Don't worry. "<--- so u wanna say gals r just pieces of meat isn't it? :-/

  • You know what I really like in a girl? Me.