The history of blacks before slavery?

I've made a post on this before and as expected, it didn't receive much attention. It's not surprising because nobody gives the slightest shit about black history before the portion in the United States (Slavery, segregation etc). People obsess over the glory of medieval Europe and feudal Japan but the only "glory" that people ever here of from Africa is Egypt and to a lesser extent, primitive tribal kingdom of the Zulu. Other than that, all you ever hear is modern poverty, corruption, and disease that make up the current situation of Africa. Anyway Here is one of many videos that we will be uploading to tackle this issue. For those who actually take the time to watch, I hope you enjoy it. And what do you think of the history of blacks. Do you think it's bad that we only learn of our history from slavery onward?


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  • good post.


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  • As a black American guy, I am fully aware that our history didn't start at slavery (regardless of this whitewashed educational system here).

    Real talk. Do you genuinely believe the top 1% wants to EMPOWER black Americans by teaching them about sophisticated African empire cultures? Of course not, because. these top 1% want black people bring stay suppresses, in order for the top 1% to protect their socio-economic vicegrip they have on the country. This is very much mental warfare against black Americans.

    I definitely carry myself as a person of power, one of warrior -type mental and physical strength, someone of regal status.

    Not to say that I'm bougie or uppity... but simply aware of the past history of my people pre- Manifest Destiny. I'm nobody's n**.

    I definitely know people, and met people, who are fully immersed of hood / ghetto / gang culture. They even say (and imply through their actions and body language) that I'm "different ".

  • Well learning about eating rocks and scratching dirt would be kind a boring

    • You sir, are exactly why I made this post in the first place. It's quite depressing.

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    • It hasn't really become history yet. Seven, traditionally a lot of people's ancestors come from European countries, so they taught about those more. Eight, America has mostly delt with Europe , parts of Asia, and Russia so they teach those more.

    • So basically what you're telling me is that we learn about every continent except for Africa and it's ok. I understand why our school system puts so much emphasis on other regions but teaching people their history from slavery onward is undeniably a horrible thing to do. It teaches us that we came from nothing so it's important that we learn about the GOOD things we came from. Also it's not just our school system that is lacking it, it's also our media as a whole. We seem to focus entirely on teaching about the horrible things about Africa. Thank you for fixing yourself just a bit by the way, your original post was just rude and bigoted.

  • blacks ruled the world from Europe , Asia, Africa north and south america.

    white supremacy that controls the world doesn't want blacks to know who they really are.

    In school we are only taught about the white man and slavery with truth remaining hidden. All we know is that we were once chained slaves to now becoming free slave.

    • this site is dominated by whites wondering if a guy likes them, what the hell would they know or why'd they want to care about Black people and its true origin. They've never been suppressed so how can they relate?

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    • Also definitely not implying we "ruled the world" because there is no real evidence confirming that.

    • Ok then... hahaha!!!

  • What I think is more important is that we learn about how blacks owned blacks as slaves in Africa. It wasn't only whites in the U. S.

    • I will be making a video about this actually. Africans did own slaves however it was much different than American and European slavery. Slaves in Africa still had basic human rights. If you abused them, killed them, etc you would be persecuted. Also their children were born free.

    • Slavery in Africa wasn't a massive dehumanizing organization like it was in Europe and America.

  • The history of Africa is so rich and needs to be taught more. In 2 semesters I want to take a course on the history of the continent and the kingdoms.

  • Looks like Stargate Jaffa.