Should corporal punishment for children be removed in new york state law sytem?

I tring to get a feel for how strongly people feel about these two laws so that i may start up petitions to demolish and reinstate these laws. there's law in york state call corporate punishment which allows a parent or grandparents to hit a slap a child without breaking the lawI'd like to get this demolished in New York State. is also there used to be a law where no young child should be away from its primary caregiver during the nights for visitation I'd like to get this law or try to get this law reinstated please share your opinions with me or any help that you may have thank you

Thank you I agree with you guys completely I am trying to find ways to remove this law in my state or at least getting people talking. If I walked down the street and slapped an adult I would have assault charges against me and if I slapped them on the butt id have sexual assault charges on me why is that any different for a child. If you have any knowledge on how to remove or change a law in new York state please let me know thank you


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  • An adult hitting a child admits he's not capable of educating a child.
    An adult hitting a child learns the child that a problem can best be resolved using violence. Clearly the wrong message.


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  • I don't support corporal punishment but I don't understand the other issue you wrote about. So is that saying that a child (please give an age range) can't stay the night without a primary (parent) being with them?

  • it should be removed!