How do I annoy people who are trying to prank call me?

This annoying little children kept calling my house yesterday. I could tell they were young by their tone. They just kept calling and calling over and over again, and when I'd pick up, they would just laugh. I wanted to tell them that I'm going to tell the police just to scare them, but sadly they didn't call anymore so i didn't get the chance.


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  • LOL! oh my gosh that last part XD

    ayyee just play along or copy exactly what they say, and when they try to say something stupid about themselves in order to get you to repeat it then don't repeat it and be like "hahaa retard" then hang up.

    • lmaooo ill do the last part :D


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  • You should play along lol.

  • Tell them to fuck off. Or tell them you will call the police. They're being annoying and stupid and it's not funny. They will probably just keep doing it.

    • that was just yesterday but I still feel angry about it. If they do decide to call today, I'll do that

    • Sounds good. :) yeah kids are so annoying and just don't quit, I really don't blame you!