I wish I was asexual sometimes?

I wish I was asexual sometimes?

Uhh getting tired of chasing and getting infatuated with people. All these love games.. they are like drugs. Just as it can make you happy and excited, they also leave you so much pain and scars sometimes.


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  • I am asexual, so yes I do not experience sexual attraction and have no need or desire for sex in my life. I am also aromantic, which is different for asexuality, meaning that I do not experience romantic attraction; bascially I do not fall in love of get crushes on people. However, this does not mean that I do not need human intimacy. I do experience aesthetic attraction towards women, but more specifically toward anyone displaying femininity so I can be attracted to some trans people and people of other genders. Basically I just find people beautiful and there is no need to pursue them, This has more to do with how they present themselves rather than their bodies. I also experience platonic attraction, where you want to be closer to someone in a platonic sense; this usually comes along with aesthetic attraction after I know them. My ideal relationship type would be a queer platonic relationship; this where two people form a primary relationship based on platonic attraction rather than romantic. Often these relationships look like romantic relationship from the outside. Essentially, these relationships can involve things like child rising, shared income, shared personal space, and other things usually thought to be exclusive to romantic relationships. QPRs can be polyamorous too.

    Now, do you think that it is easy for me to find someone who wants the same kind of intimacy? No is it not at all. I can not imagine want it is like to want to have sex with people, but I can tell you that I know what it is like to want to be intimate with someone and not be able to (in my case it is often because I am asexual and/or aromantic). and then then is the 13 years not knowing that asexuality exists, which was extremely difficult to live with. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a7788-finding-out-that-you-are-asexual

    The grass is not greener over here.

  • Menina is right - You still fall in love and suffer heartbreak when you are asexual (cute cat by the way).

    • Yes. But keep in mind some asexual people are aromantic meaning they are not romantically attracted to anyone. Basically, you do not fall in love or get crushes on people. I happen to be asexual and aromantic

  • Me too man

    • Be careful what you wish for. Asexuality is not an immunity to loneliness. You still need human intimacy and there are very few people who want the same kind of intimacy that you do.

      Source: a lonely asexual.

    • I love being a man but i hate the frustration due to lack of companionship