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  • Just reading the word "surstrommings" without watching video I already can ~ guess what this video is about :)
    Stinkiest food on planet, some people puke from just smelling it. So I won't watch it :)

    Well, it's funny in some way that there is such a smelly food and some people's reaction toward it, but it was made, if I remember correctly, to compensate lack of some elements/vitamins in those regions. So this food doesn't deserve it :)

    • Yeah. Of course the act of puking is disgusting but all the dry heaves and remarks like "This is the worst thing I've ever smelled hrrrrrruuuuuu!" is so funny to me.

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  • This is pretty funny but kind of boring. I wonder what he had at that day since his puke looked pink.

    • Yeah it's long. He as other videos that are more to the point. And I dunno but probably some other hot stuff, who knows. :P

    • this throat must be burning really badly from throwing up so much.

    • Yeah, there should be some permanent damage there because stomach acid is vile. But oh well, you only have one life and this is obviously what he loves doing. :)

  • I need a cracker lol Could have used some editing but it was funny


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