Do any Americans or other people outside Europe watch Eurovision?

Do you watch the Eurovision? Where are you from?
For anyone who doesn't know what it is the Eurovision song contest is exactly as it sounds, an annual song competition between European countries with one song from each country. This year for the 60th anniversary Australia will enter. It has 2 semi finals followed by the gand final, tonight will be the first semi final

  • I'm not from Europe and I watch it all
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  • I'm not from Europe and I only watch the final
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  • I'm not from Europe and I don't watch it
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  • I'm from Europe and I watch it all
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  • I'm from Europe and I only watch the final
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  • I'm from Europe and I don't watch it
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  • I never even knew about it/other/see results
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  • I watch it every year because I like the whole concept of many countries taking place in such a big contest. Although I'm aware that neighbor countries vote for each other.


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  • Yes - this one time there was a Ukrainian (?) group that dressed up as giant robots and did the monkey (dance) and my friends and I laughed for hours about it.

    I can't remember the group's name right now but it was hilarious.

  • Eurovision is torture for your ears. It's like they took the worst music and from all over Europe , and shoved it together into a little bowl of pain and embarrassment. Seriously it's horrible..

    • Yeah now that it's on I remembered just how bad the music is. But there are a few decent songs sometimes. Norway last year (carl espen - silent storm) was pretty good

    • I honestly think only the Nordic countries are decent, and even they fail often.

  • its pointless because all the votes are political not based on the acts

  • I'm from Europe and I've never watched Eurovision.

  • I hate Eurovision with a passion lol and I'm from England


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  • It is a big gay thing might have moved outside europes boundaries

  • hope not... i believe eurovision contest shames Europe :/

    • That's right haha

    • The music is a load of rubbish but it can be a good laugh

    • I agree. Eurosong was once a great thing but in last years it became a noisy freak show. Voting is purely political. Actually, everything is political. I remember last year the crowd boo-ing Russian girls because of Ukraine conflict. They had nothing to with that.

  • I am not from Europe but I watch some European TV but to be honest i don't really have a lot of time to watch much TV

    • I don't watch tv, I don't even have tv. But I watch the Eurovision online, it's only once per year

  • The British are instantly put at the bottom next to Moldova every time, so piss no.