Any Slow Beautiful Piano Pieces on a Medium to Hard Level?

I've been playing piano ever since I was in preschool, now I will soon be starting my sophomore year in highschool after this summer break. I was wondering if anyone knows of any slow and beautiful piano pieces I can work on for the remander of the school year and over summer break. They don't necessarily have to be classical type pieces, just something slowy, laxed, and layed back. All this year I've played fast pieces in allegro, allegretto, and so on and so forth. I wanna slow it down... if you know what I mean. They don't have to be too hard or too easy... I've looked up some songs by John Cage that I really like, but I would also like others from different composers too.

Thank You :)


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  • Serenata by Enrico Toselli
    You Are my Hearts Delight by Franz Lehar

    One I play a lot on the theatre organ: Melody in F by Anton Rubenstein
    Another: To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell

  • Try some Debussy


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  • do you like classical?