I have feelings for my bestfriend, Max?

so... here's my hella interesting story..

Max and i did some hella awesome shit at her school. she couldn't return to her dorm because of it so she crashed at my place. we slept in my bed together, nothing happened. she got up to get dressed, but her clothes were kinda soaked with chlorine, don't ask, so i told her to put on some of my clothes. she opened the drawer and saw a bunch of clothes my other friend, Rachel, left behind. i told her she could wear it, she kinda thought she wasn't punkrock enough to wear Rachels clothes, and i told her she had to stop-second guessing herself. i told her she could afford to take chances. i said 'for example, i dare you to kiss me' didn't think she'd do it.. but she did. now i dont know if i have bff feelings for her or... more than that... by the way she snug a pic while she did it if you wanna see my epic moment of shock.
so, what do you make of all of this?
(the pic if you're so pervy you wanna see you know you wanna see)


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  • You're the weirdest person I've never met.


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  • Love the story, and the pic is not pervy, its lovely :-)

  • I don't know what this is, did you really kiss her like in real life or was it in a virtual world, in video game. I'm supper lost and feeling blonde atm.

  • ask her out.