I'm considering quitting my job before I go on vacation?

I've been working part time at a job for 4 years now and I'm starting to become very annoyed and bored with it. Also, both of my managers are assholes and treats me like shit, despite me being one of the best and most hardworking employees there. I plan on taking a vacation in two months and just not returning but I'm not sure if that will be fair to my other coworkers who I have established relationships with. I also do not have a new job lined up yet for when I do quit but I plan on looking for one once I get back and I have been saving some money up. Should I give a week notice to my job before I go on my vacation or after I get back or should I just stick it out until a new job comes along?


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  • The best time to look for a job is when you have a job. You probably don't get an annual review because you're a part timer. So your exceptional work efforts don't get the credit that would give you a better position or a raise.

    I don't know type of work you do, but here's my recommendation;
    Get your resume updated and start looking for a better job.
    Go on your vacation and don't say anything until you get back.
    After your vacation, start looking earnestly for a better job.

    Word of caution: As far as I know, you may NOT be eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit! You can collect only if your company fires you or you are let go. So don't jump ship just yet.


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  • if this job makes u feel like shit then obviously it;'d b better to quit :)

  • You don't have a new job lined up.

    Go on your vacations, but keep your options open. In this economy even shitty jobs should be kept as an option in case nothing else comes up after your holiday.

  • stick it out until a new job comes along its easier to get a job if you have a job then it is to get a job while on unemployment.

    • Depending on where you live, I don't think you can collect unemployment if you quit. You have to get fired or 'laid off' to qualify for unemployment compensation.

    • its harder to get a job if your unemployed aka jobless, if you have a job and apply for another job they will see your more willing to work and not lazy.

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  • just stick it out.