How do you handle existential nihilism?

Apart from depression and anxiety, existential crisis take huge amounts of motivation out of me, any advice con how to handle them?


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  • I'm sorry for the anxiety and depression, that sounds really rough :'(

    Personally.. I consider myself a nihilist. But I don't exactly see it as a bad thing? Just because our lives do not have intrinsic 'meaning' (in my opinion) doesn't mean we can't give our lives meaning; to me the meaning of life objectively is that it's meaningless; but on a personal level it's to be as happy as I can and help other people to achieve the same. I kinda go by the Angel the series quote: 'If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do'

    • Thumbs up you rock.

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    • I hope you are getting help for them <3 . Those are horrible illnesses to have to deal with, especially when you're so young :'( . I hope you have people who love you and will support you through <3

    • I do have a girlfriend and some friends, so I think I'm quite fine. Thank you for the replies n. n


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  • you try your best!


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  • I guess I ain't the only person on this planet suffering similar if not exact symptoms.

    I don't know what your feelings and thoughts are exactly right now or how your perception and outlook is on life, reality, this world/universe, and pretty much everything in existence when compared to mines.

    As for me, I always have that dread in the back of my mind and suffer in regards to how ultimately nobody and nothing can or will last indefinitely and we all have an expiration date regardless of what we do or not do. Being aware of this really sucks big time but there is no going back I simply can not just forget about it.

    I'm doing the best I could to cope with it by whatever I have left and whatever time I have left in this world and reality.

  • when i was your age, i did'nt even what nihilism or a nhilist was... so...

    bit anyway, i dont think that deep into tings, only when i'm alone and depressed maybe

  • Growing up usually helps. At least for me.

    • Growing up? Being more mature? What do you mean?

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    • Like lying to yourself? I guess distractions work well by now, at least I don't think I'll ever be able to get over it. Thanks anyway.

    • I don't know I accept that I'll die but I try not to think about it. When you grow up you stop thinking about things so much that's just the blunt truth.