I'm feeling very depressed and was wondering if anyone can help?

Nohting is going right in my life and i have been struggling for over 12 years with certain things that effected my life, my parents are also to blame because when i want to do somethign they say i can't do it and i have absoloutely no confidence and i feel like i'm worth nothing. I feel that there is no point to continue and was wondering if anyone could help me? i can't really take it anymore


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  • As long as you're surrounded by negative people who prevent you from believing in your own value, you will not be able to recover from this feeling, at least not completely. I know from experience. You should focus on moving out, get your independence, do what you like and see good people who value you.

    • thank you for the comment o really appreciate it and it's just very hard for me cause i feel so depressed i can't do anything at all

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    • Just realize one thing: you feel this way because of the circumstances in your life. Would you be happier if you had a different occupation? If you lived somewhere else? If you knew other people? If the answer is yes, then please don't give up and find within yourself the strenght to pursue these things that will make life better for you. They're pretty normal and simple things, it's not like your happiness depends on you landing on the moon or something alike, right? :) I know it's easier said than done, I'm also struggling. But whenever I have a good day, I feel like this is possible, you know? Good days are awesome and you must live to experience them more often! Also, when people put you down, take that as a motive to make you go on and show them they're wrong. Good luck and you can talk to me whenever you need or feel like!

    • I will try my best and thank you


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  • what kind of help u need... there are psychologist to listen and suggest a cure or what to do, or your good friends... and i would suggest just very simple thing.
    each morning look into mirror and say; I am great, I deserve the best in my life, i can do anything, i love myself and i will fight for my happiness.

    • thank you for the comment, i really appreciate it. I feel i can't do nothing and especially i feel like i lose opportunities which means i lose my confidence which leads to for me doing nothing and sitting at home all day

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  • I have had periods like that in my life also. The thing is that you can't live somebody else's life. You have to create your own.

    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but I know that some things you want to reach in life can look overwhelming. Simplify it by looking at the separate steps you have to take. Those separate steps can often be easily done and they build confidence.

    Life is also about taking some risks. Nothing has ever been accomplished by doing nothing. Have faith in yourself.

    Look at this whole clip. It explains what i want to say about those separate steps. It's off a comedy but I think it's so true. Listen carefully when they talk about baby steps


    • thank you for the comment, i really appreciate it. i do understand what the video is saying and what yoy say too, it's hard to do everything but the baby steps i do understand and that is what i need to do

  • actually yer parents should b ashamed... they always put u down.

    can u move out?

  • I'm sorry to hear that depression is like a beast, it can't be slain by yourself , if you been struggling with it for years you must be so incredibly tire. you need meds and talk therapy, as I say this I know its just words being spewed your way you need help you must ask for it it does get better I promise.