Which not so well known people do you like on gag?

I know quite a few people that I've come to like on gag. I've also noticed that they don't get tagged on questions and they are really good looking. Who have you noticed that isn't well known but is kind and good looking too.
I will have to say Lovestvdx, escarol98, happydominant17 and many more I haven't mentioned. Apart from the well known people, which unknown person does it for you? You don't have to tag them.


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  • Not tagged ✓
    Bad looking ✓
    Unknown ✓
    Disliked ✓
    Hitler ✓

    My vote is for @YourFutureEx

    Honestly, I'd vote for @mr90skid ; @Klara-Hitler ; @TheINTJ ; @AshleyMD ; @DANNYBASSMAN93 ; @DoomGuy


    Hey asker, lovestvdx is well known.

    • Yeah but nobody ever mentions her or tags her. I didn't know her until she commented on a question of mine.

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    • I just searched my username in the search bar lol :p

    • @LovesTVDx Haha good. I'll also try this

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