How do I go up to a guy?

How do i go up to a guy and tell him he is sexy and hot? I need wasy to go up to a guy and tell him what i think? And how should i do it? And what's the best way to go up to a guy? I need convinced to do that. I just don't want to go up to a guy and he says. Why is this girl here talking to me. I don't want that to happen. And i feel like it's going to happen. So what should i do if that happens?


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  • Yes don't do it. I am a guy. I once had a girl actually come up and say that to me. It's actually quite weird to hear. Women don't do it. Not in a serious way anyway. It sounds like you are declaring your love almost because men think in terms of looks. Its creepy when its said seriously by someone you haven't earned it from. But ok when said in the middle of fooling around and flirting. Thats different. Read whatever shit it is you girls read to attract a guy. If he does respond positively then he may be of low value and not be used to going through the stages or may just take advantage and use you for what he can get in terms of sex... Then dump you. I know because i have done that. Not nice but it is the truth. Instead be playful. Have fun. Maybe once you are familiar with one another then tell him. That is much more attractive. You are also less likely to open yourself up and be stood looking like a fool. Protect yourself sister.


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  • You walk up to him and say "hi, I'm_______ I think your sexy would you like to go out?" No guy on earth would be rude about that



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