What should I name my new bar?

okay as some of you may know i have quit my job today and i am investing all the money i have into a bar and i am aslo going to have to invest some of my fiancees money into it and if this bar fails and there's a 75% chance it will since three out of four bars fail there first year i will have invested a lot of money and be absoutley broke and probally have nothing and my i won't be able to pay me and my fiancees wedding day so i am proabally going to be fucked unless i can come up with a good name for the bar so whats a name that you think would be good for a bar sorry for the long rant by the way lol just feeling pretty stressed at the moment


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  • oooh congratulations!!! I've always wanted to own and manage my own bar, so I'm really happy that you're making your dream a reality :D

    (my own friend in business said you should make your bar unique and choose a theme)

    Hmm well what do you have in mind? You should go for something short and trendy :D

    oh and don't stress out too much. It's okay to worry about things, but make sure to chill out and just hope for the best :D Congrats that you're getting married that's so cool :D good luck to you both!


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  • Something to do with your name!


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