Is being Free Minded Muslim is A shame nowadays? I need your honest opinions , and please no funny comments?

i dont know how to start but.. anyway the story started since the last events what happening around the world , and losing my beloved forigner girlfriend and no one want to pick me in any new job outside , i feel really so depressed for what's going on around me in the world and it's not in my hands , i am a type of muslim guys who look like you and her and him , you can say i dont look like muslim in my outside appearance or who you can call him " just muslim by name " even when i pray i dont like to join people outside i like to pray alone and do everything about my religion alone just between me and god , but now i feel like the wheel of life has stopped rolling , im sure the new jobs i apply for them they dont want pick me because i am muslim i removed " Muslim " from C. V , and i am sure my ex she left me because of the last international things what happened i know she scared and i dont blame her and i can't blame my self too because i am same like everyone who doesn't agree what's going on really. one month ago i lost more than 10 kilo's just.. thinking what to do? how can i fix the wrong image how can i say for the new jobs that im good muslim guy how can i tell my ex dont be afraid from me i lived beside you long years and i accetepted you as you are with your religion.. how can i close the mouths what around her and tell her dont believe them.. i really dont know all i know is i really never hurt anyone even cat or dog , i try to work hard on my self for anyone around me to believe i am different at least who knows me , i know many friends they love me and have open mind to know who i am and what i am but for sure not everyone will think the same , i remember one of the companies who didn't pick me and said it officially because i am muslim and they are not comfortable.. so what should i do now? i grew up in opening minded family.. who teached to love everyone.. what can i do? should i put full stop here and end my life in peace alone or what?


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  • Everything will be fine InshaAllah
    Just have faith in Allah, if she wasn't meant to be in your life and chose the opinion of others over you then it's a good thing she left you. You can move on.
    Don't worry about a job, I'm sure there are people willing to hire you who are not Islamophobes, prove to them that you are worth hiring. They'll hire you regardless of your religion or appearance.
    Everything will be okay, you must be strong in times of struggle, don't lose focus of who you are and never be ashamed of your religion. πŸ’“

    • thank you , i know i am strong guy who keep his pains inside and never talk out , only god knows im writing this post and im crying because its first time i say what i feel to anyone or write it down anywhere. u know when u cry because someone accuse you by things that you didn't do or when ur name involved in something that doesn't belong to you? thats how i feel now.

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    • @YazanAA I'm new-ish here that's why 😁
      Nice to meet you too ☺️

    • thank you all for your moral support.


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  • Never be ashamed of your religion my dear brother. Sadly, the media portrays Islam as a negative religion. Stuff the arrogant and the ignorant people. Keep your Deen to your heart and call upon Allah, He will answer In Shaa Allah.
    Maybe Allah wants you to be alone with just Him so you can realise the importance of this dunya?
    if you need any advice message me,

  • It is not shame. It is only between you and God.

  • if you're doing things the halal way you'll be happy and things will last.
    Islam is about bonding and practicing it together with people it's not being between you and gid only. What is free minded? Allah's religiob is akready lerfect and Free :) it protects you from those feelings. If she doesn't ackbkwledge Allah or love him why should she love you? His creation?

    You are affraid of the creation but not of the creator Allah? It is Him who you should impress not the people.. it's ok you are being tested you should put more trust in Allah and you will see.
    I admire girls with headscarfs coz they say indirectly I AM muslim and deal with it ! If women can be so brave then you can too.

  • It's not a shame!


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  • Well, I'm an agnostic atheist but I think it is because of the image ISIS is giving to all muslims around the world. I don't mind if my friends are religious of any kind. I think it is because of that stereotype you are being so wrongly treated.

    I guess you cannot do much. There are tolerant and intolerant people all around the world.

    The only idea that comes to my mind is for you to save that bit of information about. But if you have religious pride or wear religiously I don't know what you can do.

    Not trying to persuade you but you could start some investigation about yours and other religions and see if you still want to believe those things. I was christian for most of my early life and then I started to question my beliefs.

    Apart from all that I can't find a better advice. Stay strong, life's like a rollercoaster. Luck to you n. n

  • I don't know about you, I'm Muslim myself and I couldn't be any prouder.

    • i dont know what to say to you... maybe i will say not its wrong because of what's going on.. and maybe i say i agree i am proud to be but i am not into whats going on around the world and iam against it.. those people who keep ruining the name of the religion they destroy the lives of another people who want to live in peace like me this is the only right i am asking for just to live in peace and have my job and my create a family.. but it seems like a dream nowadays.

    • And why would we care about those people? they don't represent Islam or the rest of us Muslims, they only represent themselves.

  • Being a free minded muslim is of course better than being extremist, but, I'd rather to be free from religion.

    • actually i dont need to be free from religion because as i mentioned i dont like to join groups of people most of my prayers i do it alone without anyone see me which is not effecting on anyone , but as you know the life situation nowadays forces me to be hidden even when i pray.

  • shame? gosh.. on the contrary... muslims should relax their standards i believe :)

    • please before you make joke... i am full of pains enough read my subject and maybe you will take back your words , i really have problem.

  • It's amazing how 1 thing can turn to another and the same happened to me. But since some of my friends have been in the same dire situation i think we kept on. If you know someone that this happened to aswell try talking to them, it seems awkward but try.