Army guys, how often do you get to go out on a date?

I'm enlisted for U. S. Army and will be deployed early 2016.
I have a girlfriend now, and I'm worried that I might not able to see her again :/


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  • First you will go to boot camp and have about zero time for getting out of there. I think they give you one time out during the whole boot camp. I was Navy and long ago, but that is what I remember it being for the Army. After boot camp you may get some time before your next step which will probably be further schooling, likely in how to use your weapons. Then maybe a little time off and then overseas. You will not get many chances before you return. Life is tough that way for the military. If you get stateside duty, it may be far away, but you will have the opportunity to get away and see her.


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  • hahahaha!!!

    i'd break up with her. While your out she'll most likely be fking around. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down in the future she states she's pregnant while your away.

    don't trust a female.

  • Haven't you heard? there's tons of molestation in the armed forces. You'll get your fill.

  • Every day, in the shower.