Does anyone believe in reincarnation?

I keep having memories of my past life... I think if it was not real I would have not even remembered it anymore. However, I still do... I feel like I need to do something about it.
There was a lady I have memories of. they're pretty hazy but still clear enough. She was working over time in an autoplace and her co worker asked if she needed a ride hom. She said no thank you because she still has work to do. He said it's going to get dark and dangerous soon, she declined. I remember she was laying on this red chair or couch and I felt like she was wearing a dress. I feel like I was in her body for some strange reason as if I was her. Than she woke up and there were mask men carrying guns yellin at her. All I remember is looking at the clock which was around 12:00pm at the time. I know I cannot have dreamt this because I remember the night I was born.
I really want to find out what happened, I don't know where to start. Everytime I think about it I feel like I should do something.

*cough cough* uggh


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  • Yes because science supports it. Not in the religious soul way but in the fact that we become somehow else. "No matter is treated not destroyed". So I was once a star it supernova and now I'm me, next I may be dirt, then part of a tree. It'll never stop.


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  • You were falling asleep as you were watching or listening to some movie. Or you have very vivid dreams.

    There could be several reasonable explanations of your dream that make this "this is from a past life" notion simply null. Just educate yourself about it.

    • Oh yeah.. like I don't know a dream from reality...

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    • Don't be such a rude person. Bye

    • You're the one who told me to grow up. I have yet to use a single ad-hominen. Chau.

  • Nope. I feel that if that were real we would have a lot fewer idiots in the world.


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  • No, I don't.

  • yes i definitely do. i'm buddhist and i think that life is eternal and we have memories from past lives.