What do you love & hate most about being the gender that you are?


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  • What I love:
    - Being able to come up with lots of funny jokes... especially those silly "old-men jokes" that you used to get embarrassed about when your dad made them and now you make them yourself. Women are such stern and serious beings... I feel like I would get a depression if I was a girl (of course there are exceptions).
    - Related to number one: that I kept the child in me alive and well
    - that I have deep voice (I like to sing)
    - having a beard
    - being more easy-going about certain things than girls
    - not having a period
    - that I don't have to wait for hours to go to a public toilet
    - that my mood doesn't easily get affected by bodily needs. I can go for the whole day without any food (which sometimes actually happens) or hold back my pee for several hours without losing my temper. If my girlfriend can't eat within 1 hour when she's hungry or pee within 5 minutes when she's gotta pee, she gets super cranky.
    - if I'm lucky, I will look old and wise when I'm 60. Women who are 60 just look old.

    What I hate about being a guy:
    - All the stereotypes and gender expectations I have to put up with. This is one of my major pet peeves in fact. I don't like beer and I really don't care about cars, guns or soccer. I'm also not very good with tools. Does this mean I'm less "manly"? Unfortunately, many people still think so. If my girlfriend fixes the TV or the computer (which she is very good at), my guy friends say "that's really cool she can do that!" but if I tell them that I do our laundry, they just look at me and go: "what the heck man? Have you turned into a girl?" There are many more stereotypes like these.
    - When a woman is overweight, she's still considered feminine (and in some cases even hot/attractive). If a man is overweight, he's just considered either a creepy fat man or an asexual, nerdy dude.
    - Always having to do the first step if I want to get to know a girl
    - Not being able to express my deep feelings of friendship to another guy (cuddling, kissing on the cheek etc.) without being considered super gay
    - Having it much, much harder to get sex from a girl who doesn't know me. If a girl looks more or less decent, she can go to a club any time and have a 99% chance to have a hot one night stand that same evening. If I'd go to a club and asked girls straight-forwardly for sex, they would either consider me rude or creepy or just not take me serious.
    - if I play with some children on the playground, I'm automatically considered a pedophile.

    • DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! You really took your time with this one. MHO fo sho!

    • LMAO I don't know where you got the overweight thing from. If a woman is fat she gets hate and is seen unattractive by many men depending on how far the gain has gotten. Women however are more open to dating bigger men plus I've never seen a guy be called fat by another guy (seriously).


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  • What i love:
    • Being able to be the dominant one and the leader
    • Being stonger
    • Being able to grow more hair

    What i hate:
    • How important height is when you are a guy
    • The fact that we have to do all the work to GET sex, and DURING sex
    • We are almost always the ones who have to approach the women and ask them out
    • The fact that all women have to do in order to have a good body is eat healthy and maintain average weight, but guys are expected to have muscles and abs, so for men, just to have a DECENT body, we have to work our asses off for several hours a day, at least 5 days a week throughout our entire lives AND eat healthy. And women think THEY have unrealistic standards set 😩

    • Hey, it's not our fault that guys are just super easy. Don't put out as much like girls and then maybe girls will come after you and the during sex is usally a male choice. Just tell her you don't want to do all the work & I've approached guys but usually get rejected so don't do that anymore. OH HELL NO. Guys have it a whole lot easier when it comes to bodies and this has been medically and statistically proven. Men naturally have faster metabolisms, grow muscle easier (muscle burns fat), and burn fat easier. Women naturally store extra fat and have to work 2x as hard as guys to slim down.

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    • But wouldn't you wish he had a better body at times?

    • Nope. It's not my job. Sure, If they eat a punch of unhealthy stuff and get close to having health issues then I'll want them to start healthier habits and slim down some, but I typically fall for who they are as a person. Yes, I'd be physically attracted too, but I just think everyone should be confortable with themselves rather than trying to please others. I wouldn't want my guy trying to get buff just to make me happy. It should only be for him and everyone has some fat so I don't know I just wouldn't care. I'm just one of those rare people I suppose that value looks after personality. Having a guy that is ripped is just a plus tbh.

  • Love - Male friendship
    Hate - Macho Alpha pretentious crap

  • shitty facial hair... a pain in da ass

  • If I was born a girl, my mother would love me.

  • Ha this question!!!
    If I was a girl, I'd have long hair without my mom freaking out
    and the voice.. then I can sing higher? xD

    Then I could color my hair without being called emo or whatever.. there' so many things I think

    But you women got period, pha, and pregnancy

  • Lots of stereotypes about guys that I feel I'm not apart of

  • I love being a one more reason for girls to say that all guys are jerks :)

  • Love- being able to grow a massive beard.

    Hate- being judged by the size of my penis.


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  • I love getting free pastries! I hate being treated like I don't know what I'm talking about in certain circles

  • Periods
    Slower metabolism/holding onto fat
    Not feeling safe when I do things a lone
    Not getting taken as seriously
    How anytime I'm annoyed someone assumes I'm on my period
    How expensive clothes are

  • I love: dressing up, not having to be expected to approach, playing sports as a girl against guys.. (the guys that think we're below them always have the i got beat by a girl look)

    I hate: periods, the fact that were the ones to get pregnant, not being able to take my shirt off in public, cat calls, and being not taken seriously as an umpire

  • Love:
    -I can give birth to another human being


  • I love we use make up and stuff. I hate the monthly thing.

  • Being scared to walk down the street alone.

  • Love? Preferential treatment, motherhood, being able to show emotion.

    Hate? Period, physically weaker, having to look good all the time.