I don't know what's going on?

So this is a long story please read this, i need some advice or opinion. I'm really confused.

So there's this guy who been there for me last year throughout everything when all my friends were taken away from me, and he was the only person not to leave and we weren't close friends. It was the beginning of being friends. Anyways, all my friends, ( not all my friends were taken away, its the friends i would hang all the time were taken away. not the ones i talk to in class.) anyways, my friends. that i would talk to in class; were friends with my ex and they were teasing about me and my ex and ruined my chance with him. and he got really upset and said " i... i... really like you" that time he asked me out by calling me and asking me out, he said he dressed up nice for me but i wasn't there, so he called instead. that time as friends we would facetime for hours till one of us fell asleep. Over the summer, i tried texting him, no reply. I tried kiking him he read and no reply i asked my friend to explain everything to him and she did and he said" its okay im over it and i move on we can be friends, ill text her when i get my phonw charged in 64 hours. I thought that was an excuse on not to talk to me.

Coming to conclusion, after 2 years. i wake up one morning seeing he requested to follow me on instagram and thought this was unusal, that i thought he hated me? I told my friend about it and she said he "looked" happy the last time he saw him. ans i asked if there's any news i should be aware of and said that he has a girlfriend. but there's not a single pic of them on his instgram and doesn't say he's taken? I don't know how to react to this? What should i do or what is going on? Advice or opinions please. thanks


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  • I will assume that he has a girlfriend - it is very important that you verify this. But I think he really cares for you.

    • What makes you say that? Just curious?

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    • Honesty...

    • I am honest, I didn't... oh... that was a one time thing... well i guess that was a one time chance.


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  • man... have u ever thought that followin someone on insta mght mean nothing?

    or he just wants 2 stalk u!

  • I don't know either.


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  • i think he wants YOU back! he probably doesn't even really have a girlfriend.

    • One of the pic said, he's watching a show and there was a comment saying that she got em' addicted to the show and another pic was a quote and said that it was for someone special but didn't mention... Idek?