Does every human being have the same or a certain worth which cannot be lost?

I personally think that you have to earn you worth. You earn your worth through being a good person, or at least not being a bad one, or working hard to achieve certain goals. But there are people out there, who believe that everyone has the same worth from birth (Christians looking at you!). I disagree but that is just my opinion what is yours and why?


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  • Well I won't write a novel here but I believe that everyone has a different value and that it can increase and decrease. The value is different in different peoples eyes so you can't really say whether or not someone has no value or is very valuable. That makes it hard for me to say that ex. a murderer has no value or that someone that seems really nice has a high value. So I don't believe that you can determine someones value. You also have to be careful not to put a value on yourself because often you underestimate it and can become self conscious.
    (1. English isn't my first language so I apologize if this was bad. 2. Just FYI I don't believe in any god.


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  • I agree with you, bad people have no worth. I'm talking about murders and rapists.

    • I dont quite agree... I think even someone who murdered somebody has a certain worth, which is higher if he regrets it. Just not as much as an innocent person.

    • Oh, I think they have no worth.

    • But you see if you say a murder has no worth, than you are not differenciating. If a murdes worth is 0 and Adolf Hitlers worth then is also 0 you are saying if you kill one person that is just as bad as killing thousands of people. And that is not the case. Imean after all your worth can't be less than 0...

  • you have to earn it!


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