I sent my friend a pic and I click on it on messaging to make it bigger and it ends up a different pic why?

im afraid im going to send a pic and they will end up geting a pic i dont want them to see. can this happen


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  • Copy+paste gone wrong?

    • nah. I sent a pic. I can see it is right in message section. when I click on it to make it bigger its all of a sudden a diff pic.

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    • sent a pic on my phone. in the message section I can see the pic of what I wanted to send. then I click on it and its diff.

    • Weird. Hopefully it's only a one-time thing. If it happens again maybe try resetting your phone or something?


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  • i have never heard of this happening.

    • I know. its pic I sent then I click on it and its a diff pic. I don't want to send a pic and them see something else

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