Your Embarrassing Moments?

What are you most embarrssing moments?


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  • i have fallen on my face in public way too many times to count.


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  • Well I haven't had a lot, but I'd have to say one of the worst was a time when I wrestled for my high school as a freshman. Every year we had a big tournament that included all the schools from our local division and a different school hosted it each time. Well that year we hosted it and our team was doing pretty well, so well that by the end of the tournament we and our arch rivals qualified as the one and two seeds for the tournament and both teams were placed in the championship round. Our coach took us back to the mini gym, the place we practiced, and gave a thrilling speech and sent us out. There we were, a proud group of athletes being faithfully cheered on by our families and comrades, marching onto the mats like war heros after just receiving a medal. Well someone didn't tape the mats down too well and I, being the cluts that I am, tripped and fell face first into the mat. Everybody did a little ooohhh, as I fell and I had to get up and limo my way to my bench with the entire crowd laughing, it was awful.

  • i pissed on my toy trains