I though this girl liked me and I did many things for her and I brought her to a restaura to ask he rout and she said no, i'm very say, what can I do?

I've had a crush on this girl for 3 years and i was very shy and scared to ask her out. I got to know her over the 3 years and last night i wanted to ask her out. I really did think she would say yes cause she always wants to spend time with me and touches me and teases me. So last night i told her to wear something nice and i would pick her up at 7. I reserveted a table and we had a nice chat. When i asked all she said was "i'am so sorry but i consider you as a brother, i'm very sorry". My face was sad and like i wanted to leave but after that, she told me that i will find a girl and all that stuff.

I'm depressed today and even though she texted me this morning to see if was ok i didn't reply :( Like it took so much for me to gain the confidence cause i'm very shy and because she was flirty and all that. i'm feeling very sad :(


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  • i think she does actually like you, but is acting like she doesn't so you'll chase her.

    • wait hold on. But she said no? impossible to still like me right? i been at it for 3 years.

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  • u should've replied bro... u should...