Any body ever bought a house before?

My fiancée and I are looking at buying a house when he gets back. I found out dream house. It has literally everything we want plus some! It was built in 1939 and has been in the same family since then, they kept it up beautifully. The only problem is its 15,000 over budget. My agent says he's gonna do his best to get it down for us... But should be push ourselves. 15,000 spread out over 30 years isn't very much more at all. What advice do you guys have?

It's waterfront, 4 acres, 3 stories , 3 car garage and 4,000+ square feet
The housing market is about to blow up in my area. I'm not so worried about loosing money.
The house is structurally sound and has a brick siding, new windows and roof


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  • Has the house been for sale for long? Is it getting a lot of interest from potential buyers? These things can work in your favour. If nobody else wants the house and the people owning it want rid of it ASAP, you can really push that price down by quite a bit.

    • Also don't buy it just because you want it. The whole money issue doesn't look like a big deal, but if the value of the house goes down, you won't be able to sell it if your mortgage is too high. It's crucial for this reason you get your mortgage as low as possible.


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  • 1939? damn that is old. when I dabble in real estate I always look for houses that are above 2000 at least, that's just me though. the property in question can totally still be structurally sound.

    if you can try to wiggle that price down a bit through your real estate agent, the owners may budge on that price if you are strongly committed.

  • See what he can do, but act like its a deal breaker if he can't


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  • Don't be house poor. If you can't afford it, you don't need it.