Who are the most important people in your life?

The question speaks for itself. Yes, if none of what you want to say isn't listed you can specify what it is down below. :) Also, your answer doesn't have to be tangible. For me, it's my family in general, because they look out for me, even when nobody else does.

  • Your mom
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  • Your dad
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  • Your brother/sister
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  • You boyfriend/girlfriend
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  • Your friend (s)
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  • Your cousin (s)
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  • Other (specify)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My mom should be first since she had to go through the pain of birth for me and no one else has ever gone through so much pain for me. And then she went through the pain of raising me. Then my dad, because he's just awesome. Then my siblings, best friends, and cousins (my cousins and I are so close we're practically siblings and by friends I mean two people I'd probably die for). Then my grandmas and then after them the rest of my family. Then the rest of my friends. Then everyone else in the universe.


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