On my feet for 10 hrs a day. Can you recommend the best brand of insoles?

Ok, so, I just started working yesterday and I found out I am going to be on my feet for 10hrs a day. This is my second day I work 8hrs all of this week, but starting next week will be 10. I work in a bo factory and will be standing all day long. Can you recommend a brand of insoles or even a really good pair of shoes? Thanks :)


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  • ah.
    I used to work at a shoe store for years! hehe! I haven't done this in a while though.
    Depends on the dress code! I would recommend Dr. Scholl brand shoes- those usually do it for people! Perhaps Merrell and some Born brand shoes as well. Also, check the insides of the shoes for arch support. Also, wear the shoes around the house for a day and see how they feel, if they don't cut it for you, return them.

  • I get these in men size for my shoes and provide me with great support


    • They are not real expensive but they always work for me and they always last for long time

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    • True and thanks :)

    • Your welcome :-)
      I saw more expensive shoe insoles
      forget they are no good so i just stick
      with the cheaper kinds and i tell you

      www.drugstore.com is good place that
      has lot of cheap products as far as shoe
      insoles, hair dye, etc and it's cheaper price,

  • If you can wear sneakers, then new balance are the best in my opinion. I've run marathons in them... If you need something dressier, good luck I don't know anything about women's dress shoes. :D I do know that Bostonian makes affordable dress shoes (like $100) with flexible synthetic soles that are really comfortable. Most nice dress shoes are leather soled and you don't want to be on those all day every day. You'll kill your feet and burn your shoes out in a week...

  • I really like New Balance for supportive shoes, Dr Scholls also has machines in some drug stores that will measure your feet and recommend the best insoles.

    If it gets bad, you can get them custom made but it isn't cheap.

  • basically it'd be better 2 avoid heels and wear flat shoes in dat case ;)

  • I was in uniform sometimes doing a fifteen hour shift. I has the gel type insert. Still hurted but its better for lower back. I suggest this if you can... get a cushion from your couch and place it UNDER your mattress where your feet are. Sleep on your back with elevated feet.


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  • Skechers Go Walk shoes. Ugly as fuck, but very comfy :)