Why is the U. S getting involved with FIFA?

It's a known fact that FIFA is curropt and officials sell their votes to countries that want to host. But why are officials being extradited from Sweden to the US? I'm American and if it's not NHL or NFL then I don't really care. Why weren't they extrodited to some other European country? Is the US considered neutral because our apathy towards soccer compared to the rest of the world?


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  • because fifa used US money and Us banks. They met with US businessmen and had corrupt dealings with them. No one else is stepping up to take action despite the world knowing of Fifa's corruption for many years.

    Because CONCAFAF, the fifa subsidarary that governs the US has been heavily involved with the corruption. CONCAFAF had millions of dollars of unaccounted for income and hasn't paid taxes for years.

    In order for the US to prosecute this case, all the US has to do is show minor involvement with the US. I think they have well beyond sufficient evidence to show that.

    • Thanks now I know. Seemed odd that they would send them here. Be like sending Tom Brady and billichek to Europe over spy and deflate gate.

    • you have to realize that US currency is the most wildly used currency in the world. a lot of corruption outside our country still involves US money.

      Also Many US Banks are under investigation as well, it would make sense for America to investigate its own banks rather than some other country


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  • Having thousands of people die to build a stadium for the World Cup, in a corrupt country... is bad for the USA companies ' images.

    If anyone is paying the majority amount of monies for something, there is power there. Right now the USA is flexing that power.

  • Yo we like soccer too, we had the most fans at the last two Worldcups :)
    I just heard about this so what this whole scandal is

  • there r soccer fans in US no?

  • Us is asking Pakistan about axact scandal too