What to expect at my first concert?

Going to RockFest this year, and it will be the first concert I have ever been to. We are going to be camping on the grounds, and I am extremely nervous. I'm terrified of huge crowds. People scare the crap out of me.
What do I expect? And how do I keep myself out of harms way?
My boyfriend, my best friend, and her cousin will be with me.


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  • There will be a lot of scary people. But just stay calm, and don't provoke them. I went to my first concert (Riot Fest) last September, and it was fucking awesome, even though I kinda hate a lot of the types of people who go see Slayer.

    Anyway, try to get in the front row by going to the sides, if there isn't a fence on the sides. There was a full crowd in front of Slayer's stage when I got there (before Slayer even started setting up) but I just walked along the side to the front and squeezed through. I ended up being in the second row, almost lined up with the lead singer.


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  • Lol you'll be okay its a rock concert not a Metal concert


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  • it gets a bit crazy. just make sure not to lose your friends and stay out of the mosh pits.