Why doesn't my hair curl naturally anymore?

In 11th grade my hair was a perm and I didn't have to do anything to keep it like one. I am almost 22 and I noticed a change in my hair. My hairline has matured and thinned at the temples which most men go through by my age. I don't know if it will continue but it looks like I'll keep my hair cause all my friends seem to have the same recession. My concern is its still really thick but it doesn't curl and is more an afro than a perm. Its totally changed and I don't know why and I'm kinda worried it may thin.


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  • ughhh... hope it's not MPB at least :(

    • Well its maturing which all men go through by age where the temples recede I'm not worrying about that part. Its not thinning yet but it doesn't curl like it used to its more like a high top fade style and it started when I turned 20.


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  • thats actually pretty normal.

    • Is it? I researches the topic and saw the widows peak and mature hairline but the total change in texture is weird.

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  • Next time you are at your barber, ask them, they would be experts in this.

    • I'm going to ask them what I can do with it cause right now I'm keeping everything short but the front and spiking it up and I feel like a hipster lol.