Is ''people react and have emotions'' nothing but an excuse?

For instance every time there is some story about how someone lashed out at their partner (mainly a gf) during an argument gone bad, I can't help it but think ''oh it was just this one time'' is nothing but bs.

Why don't those same people have that same exact reaction with a mean boss, someone of high authority or someone that can possibly stop them right there? Or is this ''we all react and have emotions'' only suited if you know the person you're lashing is such an easy target only?


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  • hahahha no... it's TRUE people ract n ahve emotions... u cannot help it ;)

    • But would those same individuals have that same exact reaction to lash out like that (the same way they lash out at their partners) if the one getting on their nerve was someone like Steve Wilkos?

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    • ok maybe some people overreact though...

    • if those same people were brave enough to overreact on anyone getting on their last nerve (even if it meant losing to someone that'll stop right away) then I can said emotions got the better of them. Only 1 man was brave enough to push the host Steve Wilkos. It was a wrong move on his part but at least he didn't care at the moment.


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  • When explaining to a friend about the situation no. But when they use it to try and mend things then that is an excuse. It's basically saying "I got mad because I was mad so we should fix this because things happen".

  • Sometimes people see it as an excuse, and sometimes they say he/she should have controlled themselves... And there's no rhyme or reason for it as far as *I* can see


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  • For some people it's legitimately true but I do think others use it as an excuse. There's such things as crimes of passion after all.

  • It's just an excuse.

    • Exactly. I have never had anyone try challenging me and have encountered a couple moody people. It's awful that it takes knowing self-defense from an early age and being taller and heavier than the average girl for them to not even try.
      That makes me turn back to my original point. That excuse is so easily use only when it's an easy target I guess instead of being simply being respected.