A question for the soccer fans. What you think of Blatter stays president of the FIFA?


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  • Disgusted he is still president. He claims he knew nothing of corruption in FIFA which means two things, either he is not fit to be president if he was oblivious to the magnitude of the corruption or he was in on it. (allowing it to happen)

    Even before the allegations we all knew that something fishy was going on in FIFA, now it's been exposed no one here is surprised.

    • it is time for a younger generation and Blatter should have realize that

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  • I don't think who the president of fifa is really matters.
    They've never known anything other than corruption and a new president won't change that.

    • I think another president can make a difference

  • I'm just disgusted of the level of corruption in European and worldwide football... It's almost the same as corruption in politics. Tons of fixed matches and the decision of Qatar arranging the world cup in the winter was the tip of the iceberg.