Successful study habits to ace gen chem?

I study science and also work a full time job mon-thurs. For a course like general chemistry is studying aproximately one and a half hours per day+ overkill? When i do study, i make sure i comprehend the text and make sure i get the concepts. Im trying to do this without killing myself. Is this sufficient as far as effort


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  • I think general chemistry is simple I would devote no more than an hour a day

    • were u always good at chem?

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    • I mean not necessarily straight a's but at least mainly a's and some b's to be more realistic. I just dont want to hang it up and say i can't do this. But at the same time i work full time and live with my wife and i just dont know if im on the right track or not

    • I THINK it's doable... I don't know general chemistry just doesn't sound intimidating to me at all, if you asked me to take quantum mechanics again then I'd change my opinion but anyway some struggled with it more than me I wish you good luck


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  • hmmmmm if u wanna ace it... guess u have 2 be really hard on yerself... can u?

    • i can but thing is that im trying to get the hang of studying sciences while working

  • Lol study ALL. The. Time.